Thursday, August 26, 2010

ive got a spirit i fekt so excited during BEL class just now..i dont know why i feel so excited to learn about perfect tenses..n you'll now wut??im the best presenter in group discussion today..thats make me feel so hepy...other than that,i feel so thankful to ALLAH S.W.T coz gve me a great frenz in this place..i feel more comfortable at this UITM..evrythng run smoothly..thaks Allah coz u gve me the strength to live here..i hope i will achieve my target..Get Dean list for this semester..hah...Amin~thats all my activeties for today..hah..feel so tired coz got a very2 pack class, i ned to sleep..hah..nyte my dearest blog..mmmuuaaxx.

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